Parish Evangelizing Cell Groups

The Parish Evangelizing Cell System is a tool for evangelization that we have introduced at St. James.  Leaders are trained and formed to become shepherds of small faith groups who pray together, learn and share their faith, become more involved in the parish and evangelize as they go about their daily lives.  It is called a “cell” because like a cell in the body, it lives by multiplying.  If it does not grow and multiply, it dies.  Likewise, the cell group grows by inviting new members to the group and when they have twelve or more in the group, they split up to form another cell group.  After every three or four months, we gather all the members together for a Parish Rally where all are invited to be energized by a guest speaker and an opportunity for those who experience a conversion to share their testimonies.

All are welcome to join a cell group, meet new friends and do the work of the Lord.  Have a heart that God can use!  If you are interested in joining a group, please call the parish office at 517-676-9111 for more information.